How can we make this better?

Oh, the list is long!

But, it's not complicated.

Accessible Kitchen Design and Construction (AKDC)

will help you:

  • see all the tiny details that add up to make a big difference for the life of your client
  • know how to make safety a part of every planning and construction decision without being intimidated
  • be confident about choices for layout, design , fixtures and material selection that may be different from your traditional techniques

Are you ready to build better kitchens?

Yes you are! AKDC will help you:

  • meet the accessibility needs of people in their own homes or in public spaces
  • be ready and able to build for people who wish to live in their homes for as long as possible
  • build it right the first time — you don't have time to go back and make changes after a job is finished, you are way to busy!
  • be a leader in your industry — no matter what your role in the design & construction process, you will know how to do it right the first time

Hear from Julie — in her natural environment

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Accessible does not mean ugly;

beautiful kitchens are possible!

Colour, beautiful tile and stunning art all are possible in an accessible kitchen. And with new design features for sinks, cook-tops and wall ovens everyone will just see beauty.

It's what goes into the planning and design that really matters.

Have you ever been burned in the kitchen? Julie has — and it was not from what you might expect. You don't want accidents to happen at your completed project.

When you are finished AKDC you will:

  • understand the importance of knee and toe clearance
  • be able to advise on appliance sink and counter selection
  • know physical energy-saving tips for your clients
  • have the insight required to accommodate reach
  • be able to find accessible storage spaces throughout the kitchen

Go beyond the building code

Designing and constructing accessible kitchens is easy once you know the right questions to ask your client.

Julie will "walk" you through the process of learning your client's needs and helping them make decisions about layout, appliances, placement and fixtures that work.

Your clients will thank you.

Be a leader in your industry

The importance of accessibility and designing with the future in mind is now going mainstream. When you know the ins and outs of building truly accessible kitchens, word will spread and you will stand out for the quality of your work.

A better life for your customers

Having more energy for 'life' is a pretty good selling feature, wouldn't you say? That is what an accessible space means to you or your client - less energy wasted in unsafe and inconvenient kitchens; more energy for living.

Do it right the first time

We learn by making mistakes, right? With so many little decisions to make, you will learn how to make sure they all add up in the end. You will know how to make everything be exactly where it needs to be for better reach, safety and convenience.

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Accessible Kitchen Design and Construction

All the info you need to help you create the perfect accessible kitchen for you or your client.